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Evolving Lives Body & Mind was founded in 2017 by Rachel Baylor and continues to evolve since its origination.


The current mission for ELBM is to provide ONLINE  & IN PERSON [outdoor only due to covid-19] public group classes and private individual and group classes that inspire black and brown lives to evolve mentally, physically, and spiritually through yoga and meditation classes. While our mission is to inspire black and brown lives we do not discriminate against anyone who supports the radical movement of self-care, equality, and justice for black and brown lives.


Our vision is to create a safe space that provides the a practice self awareness and self-care through yoga and meditation to a community that is often under-represented and under served within the wellness industry due to lack of accessibility and high rates of ostracization. 


 With the past and current low representation of people of color in the wellness industry, Evolving Lives Body & Mind decided to launch a virtual yoga business in 2020 hosting a team of instructors of color to increase spaces for black and brown lives to evolve.  Our hope is that all people who participate in classes with us and read our blogs gain an understanding that self-care and well being is safe and accessible for all. 


To gain knowledge of the importance of self-care and develop new and healthy choices and ultimately habits in your life with small steps creates BIG changes. 

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Team + Instructor 


Grasshopper Pose
Side Plank Variation
Half Moon
Warrior 2
Seated Position
Marcus Stanback - triangle pose
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