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እሑድ፣ ኦገስ 30


National Museum of African American Hist

Yoga for BLM x March on Washington

Join us for an evening of self-care through the physical movement of yoga led by founder of ELBM @YogiRachelB in support of the March on Washington.

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Yoga for BLM x March on Washington
Yoga for BLM x March on Washington

Time & Location

30 ኦገስ 2020 7:30 ከሰዓት – 9:00 ከሰዓት ጂ ኤም ቲ-4

National Museum of African American Hist, 1400 Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20560, USA

About the Event

Join us for an evening of self-care through the physical movement of yoga led by black yoga instructor @YogiRachelB, founder of Evolving Lives Body & Mind in partnership with Nappy Head Club.

This class will be focused on letting go of the emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical trauma that black people have endured for hundreds of years and redirecting this energy to create internal peace, to seek justice, to find courage to continue "fighting the good fight", to act as the change we want to see in the world, and make a commitment to our self-care as an act of political warfare and resistance.

WHY? As a collective, black people are fed up, overwhelmed, depressed, and tired of living in fear of our lives. The Commitment March on Washington taking place on Friday, August 28th will be filled with many emotions. Emotions that may feel painful and linger. After a deep discussion between founders of Nappy Head Club, Rachel Topping and Rikki Richelle and founder of Evolving Lives Body & Mind, Rachel Baylor we decided to host a space for freedom to, "let go and breathe" after an emotionally tolling March on Washington, D.C.

With the Nappy Head Club focused on rejecting Eurocentric Standards to re-discover a love for our blackness, and Evolving Lives Body and Mind focused on providing a safe space for self-care for all people while highlighting a representation of black yoga instructors it was a no-brainer to host this yoga session. This yoga session will be focused on freedom, letting go of trauma, and committing to our self-care as a revolutionary act.

While there is no quick solution to the complex problems we face as black people in society like being targeted for the color of our skin, or worse killed, WE MUST put our lives first. Our health first. Our self-care comes last as everyday we fight just to be seen as we are constantly marginalized and underrepresented. By putting our health and self-care last we struggle to show up fully to let go of past trauma, to seek justice and peace. That doesn't have to be the case. We can be the change we seek in the world, by showing up to march for justice and equality, representation, and by putting our health first in order to activate against these challenges and impact change.

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