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Discover your Journey.

For years, I have served as a helpful role from counseling to coaching for those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. In 2013, I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it by attending graduate school at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and major in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Struggling to balance life, I started writing about what I was grateful for, my passions, my thoughts, and worked to materialize my visualizations. The journey to found ELBM has been one filled with many ups & downs, however that is life. We will be thrown obstacles in life, however focusing on self care alIows us to choose a better response, maybe just by taking a deep breath first. I founded Evolving Lives Body & Mind in 2017 with a mission to support others in their own personal journey through encouraging the importance of self-care and health and wellness. I hope over time in visiting this site you are able to find an understanding of the importance of self-care and healthy choices in your life, and how that may contribute to evolution in your spiritual, mental, and physical being.

The Journey: About
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